Where does “da bay” begin for you?

    Posted on: Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I was out for drinks the other night with some friends and a question popped up: Where does out around the bay begin?

In other words, how far outside of St. John’s is it that you have to travel before you consider yourself to be around da bay? Asking our waitress at the Yellow Belly proved that some believe anything beyond the overpass, where the Outer Ring Road ends and the TCH begins, is considered da bay.

This was contrary to my opinion, that it’s somewhere down around Woodfords in Holyrood. Just the notion of that brought laughter from my table. My friends were more inclined to say anything from CBS out was bay-worthy.

But considering how quickly you can get from Torbay to CBS nowadays, I don’t know if that’s the case. Once upon a time it was a proper drive to go from the edge of St. John’s to Holyrood, but now it’s less then 30 minutes if traffic isn’t heavy. And next year, once the Foxtrap bypass is complete it’ll be even quicker.

Same goes for Pouch Cove and the Torbay bypass.

The more we debated it, the more we realized how broad a perception there is of just where da bay begins.

So is it CBS or Upper Gullies? Paradise? Or are you like me and consider Holyrood to be still on the fringe of modern civilization and not quite bay enough for ya?

Let’s have it, where does your town end and your bay begin? Let us know in the comments.

The Media Who Cried Wolf

    Posted on: Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Via Kidztory

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Via Kidztory

I can’t count how many times I heard the name Samantha Goodyear over the past several weeks.

The story of Goodyear’s disappearance dominated provincial television, and radio for nearly a full week – pulling hard on the heartstrings of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with constant replays of emotional pleas from her distraught parents begging for Samantha to be returned home safely.

I overheard countless people in the city, and around the island, state that she was abducted, or that there was a possible serial killer lurking in the shadows of St. John’s (I assume this was mostly due to Samantha being the second woman to go missing in St. John’s this summer).

However, mid Sunday night, in the midst of all this hysteria, Samantha decided to reappear from the great beyond and staggered back home on her own accord.

On the request of her parents, the RNC are withholding the finer details of her six day adventure.  However, I do think that at least some details should be shared with the general public.

There are people out there that feel that this was a personal matter and that it is only the business of the family; I believe this to be somewhat true. If Samantha Goodyear has some sort of serious psychological issue that caused her to be disoriented and lost in the metropolis that is St. John’s, than fine, you are off the hook. But, if this media frenzy and associated public fear was created by dear little Samantha off on a week long binge, than I think the public should know, and that the resources utilized in the effort to find her should be compensated (even if that is in the form of a public apology).

In the end, it wasn’t Samantha Goodyear personally that cried wolf, but she is directly responsible for her parents doing so (and creating a media storm) and I think I speak for a lot of people in this province when I say, next time we won’t be so quick to jump in and try to help save the sheep.

Going rogue, vintage style

    Posted on: Friday, August 20th, 2010

St. John’s has long had a love affair with vintage clothing. This is why Rogue Vogue Vintage caught my attention the other day. It’s unique in that it’s a roaming vintage clothing store owners Andrea Vincent and Chrissy Dicks call a throwback to the traveling salesman era.

I think it makes for a charming and quirky contribution to our city.

Roaming saleswomen Vincent and Dicks have collected a variety of vintage, second-hand and locally made clothing which they present to the public each month at various locations throughout the city. It is absolutely spontaneous as dates and locations are often the last phase in the planning process.

You can check out Rogue Vogue Vintage on Facebook to find the date of their next sale. Vincent and Dicks are also interested in suggestions of what to add to the rack next – especially from the male population – so be sure to share your thoughts with them there.

I’m hoping to catch the next sale to find a velvet suit jacket – scope out one of those for me, ladies?

VLTs do not make the province any money

    Posted on: Friday, August 20th, 2010

This according to Rick Fifield, a credit councillor and security company owner who’s seen the darker side of how VLTs often play out in people’s lives.

Fifield recently told the CBC “When you take a look at your costs — loss of life, the cost of jobs, the cost to employers — if you do a cost benefit analysis, what you’re going to find is that you’re not making any money.”

He’s been trying to find some hard numbers on what the probability of winning is on these machines through the province’s Access to Information and Privacy Protection Act, but he, like the VLT players he far too often encounters through his line of work, hasn’t been having much luck.

Meanwhile, check out the wording on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s website on the matter:

Payout percentages vary per game, but all range between 93-95%. This means that 93-95% of all money played is returned to players in prizes, in varying amounts. The payout percentage is higher than the actual cash-out percentage because consumers play the prizes they win in order to extend their play.

In other words: people are so addicted to the sensation of gambling that they’re rarely able to stop until the money’s all gone — we know this, and we’re comfortable with it.

Enter our draw for a free case of your fave QV beer!

    Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

We’ve given away precisely 66 bottles of fresh and delicious Quidi Vidi beer this summer, and we’re about to give away a dozen more!

Every Friday from 430pm to 8pm it’s happy hour at Quidi Vidi Brewery. They’ve got drink specials, live music, and for one lucky Signal reader a free case of their favourite QV beer!

Every week, all summer long we’re giving you the chance to win.

All you have to do to enter is answer this skill testing question: what is your favourite Quidi Vidi beer?

Leave your answer as a comment here and you’ll be entered into Friday’s 4pm draw.

It’s that simple.

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