Last chance to dance for a while

    Posted on: Friday, August 27th, 2010

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside Distortion for Musique Non Stop, you know it’s an infectious experience. The music, the people, the dance floor, it’s all unlike anything else you’ll find on George Street.

Tonight Musique Non Stop is bidding its countless fans a fond, albeit temporary farewell. Benjy and co. are taking a break for a while, and deservedly so. This will be the 23rd instalment of the electrically eclectic, always free dance party at Distortion.

Perhaps in a bid to try and hide the tears in everyone’s eyes, the theme for tonight’s Musique Non Stop is sunglasses at night. Best glasses win a prize!

Featuring Dee Jay Benjy and Little Dan, Musique Non Stop 23, the last for some time, gets underway at 11pm and goes late.

Enter our draw for a free case of your fave QV beer! UPDATE: huge prize this week!

    Posted on: Friday, August 27th, 2010

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to the winner of this week’s QV draw, Kieran Smith! Enjoy those beers and that tour, Kieran!

UPDATE: QV are upping the ante for this week’s draw! The prize now includes:

  • Two dozen of your favourite QV beer!
  • A gift cerifticate for a tour of the brewery for you and 5 of your friends! This includes a sampling of all of their brands, a complimentary beer of your choice, and a tour of the brewery!

Remember, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us what your favourite QV beer is!

So, who wants to win the most awesome QV prize pack ever?

Every Friday from 430pm to 8pm it’s happy hour at Quidi Vidi Brewery. They’ve got drink specials, live music, and for one lucky Signal reader a free case of their favourite QV beer!

Every week, all summer long we’re giving you the chance to win.

All you have to do to enter is answer this skill testing question: what is your favourite QV beer?

Leave your answer as a comment here and you’ll be entered into today’s 4pm draw.

It’s that simple.

Photo via Lyndon Keating's flickr stream. Thanks Lyndon!

Note: all comments must be accompanied by a valid e-mail address (we don’t collect that stuff in any way, but it helps keep the number of repeat entries down to a minimum, which is only fair).

State of the Economy: St. John’s Metro

    Posted on: Thursday, August 26th, 2010

The points below outline some of the issues highlighted in the city’s State of the Economy report.

There is a lot of good news contained within the report, but also a lot of bad and ugly, view the full report from the City of St. John’s by clicking here

  • Our population is ageing and the working age population is expected to decline.
  • Our natural population growth (births minus deaths) has slowed.
  • In-migration will be key to our future population growth.
  • Migration to St. John’s is increasing, especially from other provinces.
  • We are not realizing our full potential to attract international migrants.
  • There is a shortage of available office space.
  • Skyrocketing housing prices are creating pressures on affordable housing.
  • There is a severe shortage of rental units (housing).
  • The near term economy is positive, driven largely by oil and gas.
  • Reliance on a single industry necessitates economic diversification.

Give Jerry your Stamp of approval

    Posted on: Thursday, August 26th, 2010

He may well be the hardest working musician in the province.

Jerry Stamp entered a contest a while back, as did many a musician from across the great continent of North America. Fan voting distilled the contestants down to a top 50, of which Jerry was one.

A panel of judges then applied their wisdom and narrowed the group down to five. And still there was Jerry.

Now it’s up to you to decide the winner.

What’s on the line for the person with the most votes here is recording time at Tainted Blue Studios in New York and an official sponsorship from Taylor Guitars and Elixir Strings. Kind of a big deal.

What you’re being asked to vote on is your favourite video made by each contestant showing them play the Taylor Guitar with Elixir Strings each of them was sent.

Quite fittingly, Jerry produced his video with help from his fans. He played a bunch of gigs and asked his fans to record him with whatever video capable devices they had and then hand him over the footage. From that he cut together what is now his entry into the final stage of this contest.

You can see the video and vote for it by clicking here.

You can vote once per day per e-mail address, meaning if for some quirky 21st century reason you have more than one e-mail address you can vote more than once per day. Just sayin’.

Jerry is currently holding tight in second place. With your help he can surely make it to first.

So, if you happen to think he deserves it, why not go ahead and give him your vote now?

Then be sure to head down to the Bull and Barrel and see him play with special guest Ian Foster tonight! vs. The Social Network

    Posted on: Thursday, August 26th, 2010

By now we’ve all seen the trailer for for David Fincher’s upcoming take on the Facebook saga, The Social Network. But just in case you haven’t, or would like a refresher, here it is:

As far as trailers go, it’s pretty effective. That being the case, it’s drawn a lot of attention from the parody patrol, with websites like YouTubeEbay and Twitter getting The Social Network trailer treatment.

But what about the daddy of all websites, Not to be outdone, local legend Greg Pike and his talented friends convened and in less than a week went from concept to YouTube… and now this: a blog post on Signal.

They don’t call it viral for nothin’.

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out Pike and pals’ frame-for-frame remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which we’ve blogged here before. And be sure to keep an eye on the gang’s new comedy website, Wrongfully Amused, where you can expect to see more of this type of goodness in the times to come.