Flipping out

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

There are apple flips, and then there are the apple flips D’Arcy Butler makes and distributes throughout our far-fairer-as-a-result city.

I try to tell myself the bite was an artistic choice for the photo, but honestly I just couldn't help myself.

Left to my own devices, I’d live off these perfectly balanced baked apple and pastry perfections. Which is concerning considering I have this entire week off work and Hava Java, where I go to get my flip fix, is just down the hill from me.

I’ve come across Butler’s apple flips at Jumping Bean, as well, which makes for a great oasis whenever I find myself trotting the opposite trajectory of the hill.

For more information on Butler’s baked goods and where you can find them, be sure to hit him up on his Twitter feed.

Havin’ a time with the B’ys

    Posted on: Friday, November 12th, 2010

The Rockhouse was the place to be last Saturday night as The Beach B’ys made their debut as a ten piece band. The demographic ranged from people in their roaring 20’s to middle aged party-goers and beyond. Synthetic flower leis were abundant, as were pastel and Hawaiian shirts.

The B’ys began as a five piece acoustic set. They got their start playing gigs at The Levee this past summer, and have since played at the Ship, opening for the Pathological Lovers. There was even a special Canada Day performance given at one of the band members family gatherings.

From those humble beginnings as a small, acoustically-backed a cappella group, the band has now grown to ten musicians, all from various other local bands. A super group, if you will.

The formation of the group can be credited to Ryan Kennedy of Smiley Ralph, which had previously included Beach Boys covers during their sets.

“I guess I was the first to ask the question of ‘who wants to do this’. I love the Beach Boys, I’ve wanted to cover them for a long time.” said Kennedy.

The band started with Kennedy, Dicky Strickland (The Long Distance Runners), Jordan Young (Cold River Choir), Andrew Wickens (The Troubletones) and Jeremy Rice (The Sellouts). All the guys provide vocals and seemed to enjoy wearing pastels.

“At first we thought, let’s see how this works out, and it seemed to go pretty well. We wanted to see how people reacted when we took it out of the living room, and they reacted positive.”

“From the beginning we meant to take it as far as we could.” added Andrew Wickens.

After the five-piece group gained momentum, a rhythm and horn section were added, complete with trumpet, harp, saxophone, flute, keys, and drums. Natasha Hartery (The New Zazou), Keith Vokey (The New Zazou), the mustachioed Jeff Foran, Ryan Taylor, and Alison Sheffield joined the band in these sections, upping the membership ante to ten.

The B’ys, typically clad in pastels and floral prints, did not disappoint in the wardrobe department last Saturday night at The Rockhouse. Someone had apparently torn a few buttons off Dicky Strickland’s Hawaiian shirt, giving it a plunging neckline almost down to his navel. Others were also showing off some considerable chest hair. The ladies of the group wore matching floral dresses and flowers in their hair.

They all looked ridiculously adorable.

Hartery was correct in crowning herself and Sheffield, “The two winners for best floral pattern.”

This was Sheffield’s, of the MUN School of Music, first show with a rock band at a club. She seemed a little nervous but Hartery lightened the mood backstage by playing tunes, like The Simpsons theme song, on her saxophone.

The Skinny Jims opened up the night playing 50’s inspired rock and roll. The band features Mick Davis and Elliot Dicks from the Novaks, with Brad Power of Kujo and Chris Kearsy of The Need. Towards the end of their set, the dance floor was hopping with girls of all ages jiving to the Jims’ version of Jailhouse Rock.

The Beach By’s went on around midnight and played classic hits including Surfin’ Safari, Barbara Ann, Help Me Rhonda, Good Virbrations, and Kokomo.

The Rockhouse was good and full by the time they went on. People were singing/screeching off tune along with the harmonies and the dance floor was packed.

Some people I spoke to who attended last Saturday’s Beach B’ys show said they preferred the band’s performance at the Ship, mainly because of the venue’s more intimate setting. The new 10 piece line-up couldn’t possibly fit on that little stage.

The Beach B’ys are again moving venues to Headquarters on December 10th, and performing with Bay Town Connection. They will have a video recording set up to document the show, so be sure to head down and show your support for the cameras.

All in all last Saturday night was jivin’.

That’s right, jivin’.

Metrobus Strike PSA

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The PWG is a local comedy group. Enjoy!

Hang ten with The Beach B’ys tonight!

    Posted on: Saturday, November 6th, 2010

I’ve seen the Beach B’ys a couple of times in their five piece a cappella incarnation. Jaw-droppingly amazing as they were on both occasions, those were just the warm up acts.

Tonight for the first time The Beach B’ys will be performing as ten piece band.

Daddy won’t be taking the t-bird away any time tonight!

Check out The Market at A1C Gallery today

    Posted on: Saturday, November 6th, 2010

The Market, happening today at A1C Gallery til 6pm, is chalk full of locally produced art, craft, designs and delectables. Rogue Vogue Gallery Vintage are in the house, as are the gang from Riddle Fence, and a slew of others. It’s a great place to while away part of your Saturday afternoon, meet some local artists and maybe even snag the perfect fit for that blank space on your wall or half inch of space in your closet.

Also, there’s chocolate.

$2 gets you into The Market. A1C Gallery is located on Baird’s Cove, off Water Street, kind of across from the Courthouse.