100 jobs gone at Bell Aliant isn’t news

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

At least not to the people being laid off.

“One hundred managers at Bell Aliant in Atlantic Canada are being told this week that their jobs are gone,” sayeth the report from CBC today.

But according to the Bell Aliant employee I spoke with, the 100 managers losing their jobs this week have known this day was coming for some time. And despite the public outcry that such a round of layoffs is inconsiderate of Bell Aliant, particularly at this time of year, I was told that the timing of the layoffs is partially to do with ensuring these employees will still receive benefits soon to be grandfathered by the company.

Also, many of these managers have been with the company for 30+ years and were on their way out anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate paying my bills as much as the next person. I just think it’s worth mentioning that this job loss story isn’t the sudden news catastrophe CBC’s report might lead a person to believe.

Give a turkey for Christmas

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The annual CBC Turkeys for Christmas Drive is officially underway, which means you’ve got from now until December 24th to bring your Christmas turkey donation to one of the many drop off locations throughout the province.

A turkey’s not a lot give for many, but it’s certainly a lot to receive for some. Last year there were 6600 turkeys donated by the people of this province. That’s an impressive number, but I know we can do even better this time around.

To spice things up this year, CBC will be presenting a Turkey Spirit Award to the business or organization that donates the most turkeys. The Junior Turkey Spirit Award will go to the school that does that same.

For more information, or to make an online donation, visit cbc.ca/nl.

Ice Capades: Photos from Carter’s Hill

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

It was a bit of a shit show on Carter’s Hill this morning. I saw two cars crash into the guard rail at the bottom of the hill in the span of ten minutes.

Despite neighbourhood residents and other drivers, who had thought well enough to stop at the top of the hill, flagging oncoming drivers to stop, many a motorist preferred to be made gravity and friction’s tag team bitch on their way down the hill this morning.

I actually almost got clipped by this one as I was coming back down the steps on Carter’s Hill.

The blue car was here when I got there. The red car just arrived as I was taking this photo, a resident of the neighbourhood who couldn’t even get off Tessier Place before sliding out of control.

With the salt trucks nowhere in site, this neighbourhood resident decided to take matters into his own hands and salt the street himself.

Eventually The City stepped in, blocking off the point of no return on Carter’s Hill. The City official I spoke with told me there were accidents at pretty much every intersection in St. John’s. A stark contrast to my co-worker’s report from Mount Pearl, where it’s said the city is clean, the streets all salted.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! And darn it all to heck, that’s my ride to work stuck up there.

Stay safe out there, slow down and avoid the hills. If that means being late for work, so be it.

The white stuff

    Posted on: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Strongly disagree.

Republic of Water Street

    Posted on: Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Water Street, circa 6:30pm on Monday.