Beware the “grandparent” scam

    Posted on: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Image via Chris Koerner's flickr stream.

Also called the “emergency” scam, its perpetrator targets the elderly by claiming to be a grandchild in trouble and in immediate need of money.

The RNC has received several reports over the past week about this scam taking place in the province. The perpetrator will usually ask to have money wired to them, which the RNC warns is a favourite method of payment for scam artists — a simple forgery of a photo ID is all that’s needed to claim the money, and it can be collected anywhere in the world.

In order to discern scam artists from actual family members in distress, the RNC recommends asking a question only a family member could know how to answer correctly.

The Codfather – this video has EVERYTHING.

    Posted on: Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Explosion of Doyle: photos of the fireball

    Posted on: Monday, November 29th, 2010

Circa around 3pm today, from my vantage point on Signal Hill.

Aqua’s new winter menu: I’ll have one of everything, please.

    Posted on: Sunday, November 28th, 2010

I ventured into Aqua on Friday night for the debut of their new winter menu. I’ve been a devout fan of the place ever since Mark McCrowe took it over in October of 2009. His unique style of culinary creativity keeps me coming back for more, and his latest menu is bound to be no exception in that regard.

Mark has a penchant for pairing the ordinary with the extraordinary. Foie gras with pb and j (yes, that pb and j), bloody mary ketchup, Tetley tea and Carnation crème brulée… He has a way of taking that familiar neighbour you grew up with and marrying them with the flamboyant playboy you read about in all the magazines, to much adulation and a future filled with beautiful grandchildren.

There’s also an air of nostalgia to Mark’s creations. Remember how good the milk used to taste at the end of your bowl of Captain Crunch? How you’d pick that bowl up and slurp back every last drop? Mark sure does, and he wants to take you back there with his desert menu’s warm chocolate chip cookies served with a Captain Crunch milk and ice cream float.

For those of you with a strictly grown up pallet, Mark doesn’t disappoint. Nestled between the Small Plates and Soups/Apps lists on the menu, for example, is the Raw Bar, where you’ll find oysters, scallops, salmon and tuna. I had the salmon sashimi for my starter, which Mark intriguingly refers to as a deconstructed sushi roll.

If you weren’t paying attention to what you ordered, you might expect that’s pickled ginger beneath the organic greens and above the salmon, but it’s not. The pickled carrots, along with soy beans, tempura crisps and a wasabi miso dressing all combine brilliantly. My plate was diligently cleaned.

Same went for my main, the crispy salmon.

I like salmon. I eat it a lot. But never anything like this.

Patron favourites, such as the pear and rocket salad, the lobster poutine and the “big mc” caribou burger have carried over to the new menu, finding themselves in amongst some steep new competition. I have a feeling the smoked paprika grilled chicken cobb salad could give pear and rocket a run for its money. And while I never order chicken as my main, the southern fried 1/4 chicken served with old cheddar mac and cheese, collard greens, buttermilk biscuits and spiced cajun honey may just become the exception to my rule.

The desert menu’s also been reinvigorated, but rest assured the banana split made the cut once again.

Even the lunch menu at Aqua’s been revamped, with one highly notable addition being the teriyaki udon bowls.

If you’re a regular at Aqua, I think you’ve got something to be excited about in the changes they’ve made to this season’s menu. And if you’ve never had the good fortune of discovering Aqua for yourself, now is the perfect time to do so.

The man himself

    Posted on: Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Gotta say, while I’m really not much a Christmas person, I do enjoy the Downtown Christmas Parade.