England gets snow, Ha Ha Ha

    Posted on: Friday, December 3rd, 2010

In case you missed it, it snowed this week in the U.K.

It’s always funny when it snows in the U.K, as they’re totally unprepared for it. They don’t have the usual tools at the ready like we do. No massive shovels, pick-ups with plows, road salt on your door step or even telescopic ice scrapers.

I grabbed a few images from an online forum I frequent and wanted to share as coverage of this is next to zero on our side of the frozen lake. On those same message boards, I might add, there was also a lengthy thread about windshield washer nozzles freezing up and what to do when such an event occurs.




Beckenham Junction Station, London

Central London

Outside a local in England


I laugh now, but I’m sure winter is plotting it’s attack on us for this year.

Why Danny was the man

    Posted on: Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I like to think part of why Newfoundland has been so successful over the past 7 years is because he ran our province just like Michael Scott and Dwight K. Schrute.

Photo: Joe Gibbons from The Telegram

You can see more photos from Danny’s last day atop the mountain here.

Crash statistics for the province this year up to December 1st

    Posted on: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Be safe out there and take your time. Especially at this time of year when roads are just starting to get slippery and traffic is congesting as we shop, visit friends and family, etc.

You don’t want to end up on a statistic sheet like this.

Bifurcation highway extension plans

    Posted on: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Click for a larger more detailed view

Some have probably seen something like this before as there’s been previous versions released but this one is the most up to date and also includes the plans for off-ramps, collectors and it’s all mapped out on an aerial shot.


So what do we learn here?

Well for starters it looks like someone calling the shots finally learned what a collector road/lane is. After my first trip to Toronto as a boy, I’ve been mystified as to why Newfoundland doesn’t have any collector lanes (yeah I was mature for my age, OK?). I’m certain that these past couple of years the number of cars has increased two fold each year. Making matters worse is the amount of pavement to put them on has decreased 10 fold thanks to city’s snow pushers with samurai sword blades on them. For instance, drive the ring road at 5pm and tell me we couldn’t stand to have a collector lane or a third lane or an extra long off ramp (call it what you like) at Paradise and another for the access to Manuals highway. It would keep traffic in the regular two lanes flowing freely when there’s 50-100 cars queuing up to get into Paradise/CBS.

I digress.

Now it seems like we might see a collector road at Old Pennywell Road. I say might because it’s only a proposal.

Fingers crossed.

As well, it seems like they’re planning to put something resembling a cloverleaf at the Captain Whelan Dr and Blackmarsh Road access. Good news here because cloverleafs mean no lights. This might also leave room to run a strip of road down over the hill towards the top of Kenmount Road where the Ford dealership is. In 20 years time when they actually get around to doing this, it will mean you can get from the Village area of Topsail Road to Paradise in mere minutes. This route would avoid traffic light ridden Topsail Rd and save on not just time, but expensive fuel as well.

Another note of interest is it seems there will be no direct access to Blackmarsh Road onto the new highway. Most were assuming this was the case some time ago, but instead you’d have to drive down Blackmarsh to Captain Whelan or come back to Topsail Rd.

It also seems like there will be access to the government farming and forestry facility adjacent to Pearltown Rd. Whether or not this will be accessible to the public or not is another question. It may be for trucks only, I don’t know. There will be access to the highway via Brookfield Rd just further north from Pearltown Rd, so perhaps this access to the experimental farm is merely a commercial road.

Finally in Mount Pearl the highway will connect at the top of Commonwealth and the beginning of Heavy Tree Road, which will undergo some modifications as well. Big time saver here for those in that end of Mount Pearl as currently to get on the ring road they need to drive towards C.B.S and bypass Paradise before entering St. John’s. Being able to access the bifurcation at Brookfield, Commonwealth and Topsail Rd. represents a lot of time saved getting from da pearl to town.

Thoughts? Comments? Notice anything we didn’t? Pave the way to a better understanding for all in the comments!

Like a mini local short film festival

    Posted on: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Head down to the LSPU Hall tonight and catch a glimpse of what some of our province’s aspiring filmmakers are producing with the assistance of the amazing and indispensable Newfoundland Independent Filmmaker’s Cooperative.

14 short films will be screened, some for the first time, all for just five bucks. Take that, Empire Theatres.

Screenings begin at 8pm. More details on the poster, below.