Beautiful morning

    Posted on: Sunday, December 12th, 2010

The narrows, from Harbourside Park, circa 8:30am this morning.

See you at the beach.

    Posted on: Friday, December 10th, 2010


Digging a hole

    Posted on: Friday, December 10th, 2010

Topsail Road.

I’ll kick and I’ll scream and I’ll… lie down on the floor at Costco?

    Posted on: Thursday, December 9th, 2010

There’s always that whiny kid that wants their own way. Today I witnessed first hand how the modern day whiner handles their parents when they say “no.” If I’d had some popcorn it would have been a show.

The scenario:

A five year old boy asks for something ridiculous. The mother says no. The situation somehow spirals into a game of patience between mother and son. The mother ignores all cries for attention. The son takes immediate action by lying in the middle of Costco, snow angel style (good move), while hundreds of people pass him by wondering where his parents are.

My whereabouts? Right behind him at the wireless kiosk where I work. The child continued to kick, scream, and cry for a solid ten minutes, whilst casually lying on the Costco floor . The mother? Carelessly pursuing the book section of course, uninhibited by her son’s temper-tantrum in the middle of the busiest store in, oh I don’t know, the entire province?

A few things went through my head during this battle of wills: Should I laugh? Is it inappropriate to take a picture? What’s the mother’s next move? When will my headache go away? And could I get away with this?

Finally after ten minutes of hearing this kid scream out “I want my mommy,” she picked him up and continued to shop while his cries echoed through the store.

So what did we learn? It’s important to show your kid who’s boss BUT there has to be some sort of line drawn when parenting techniques become a hazard to others.

Recommendation? Pack him up and take him home. Work sucks as it is, and if I can’t get away with lying down in the middle of Costco, neither should he.

Either way I’ll always have this hilarious photo:


Awaiting moderation

    Posted on: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

My comment awaiting approval on View larger to read comment

It’s not very often I comment on the internet, for two reasons.

1) All the people smart enough to understand my logic tend to be busy with jobs or something. It seems, the smart people do not have all day to browse CBC’s stories waiting for John Gushue to call someone a townie.

2) I’m not bothered.

It’s mostly the latter because frankly, I’m lazy. I tend to write long drawn out replies only to decide that, as I’m sure what I’m saying will spark criticism, I’ll end up having to write a reply to any replies to my initial comment. No matter how daft they are.

Every so often though, especially if I’m going to be the highly coveted “first post“, I’ll actually hit the reply button and give my two cents on the matter.

Then comes the wait. The “awaiting moderator approval” pops up, which, in case you don’t know, means “I’m an ignorant turd who doesn’t care to listen to someone’s point of view, so unless you outright agree with me, the author, I’m going to delete your comment and probably ban you from posting here again.”

Keep that in mind.

In case you’ve not heard the buzz — and boy is there ever a lot — Steve Kent, the much acclaimed MHA from Mount Pearl North is hoping to become this province’s next premier.

Just four days after our last premier, whats-his-name, announced his resignation, the boys over at Kent Central have already purchased and set up shop. That’s not a huge deal in my books. Kathy Dunderdale has said she would not attempt being elected. Shame, that. However, the real pickle in the jar for me is that their posts are so phoney.

In the past week there has been a buzz on twitter, facebook and email calling on Steve Kent to run for Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, this website is a focal point for those efforts.

This, I took issue with.

Now, I’m a pretty big twitterererer… err. I’m also hip to this new thing my uncle calls “hee mail” and don’t get me started on facebook. Let’s just say I’ve had my face in several books throughout my lifetime.

But I’ve witnessed no buzz.

No “steve kent for premier” trending throughout the twittersphere.

None of my friends have “liked” Mr. Kent since the resignation on the 25th.

I did however receive an e-mail from someone informing me of and the fact that it was registered on the 29th. They concluded this e-mail with many “lolz” and not once did they proclaim “I can’t wait to vote Kent!”

So there I am, comment eight, awaiting moderator’s approval. For some reason, I doubt I’ll get it.