The big black guy from The Green Mile

    Posted on: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I’ve read the script and can tell you it’s going to be a great film. You should seriously consider helping them out if you can.

It’s a beautiful thing

Is Newfoundland about to feast on Harvey's once again?
    Posted on: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

A little while ago I broke down the plans for the new Henry Power retail park, a.k.a “da new buildings at stavanger drive”. My sources inform me that it seems almost definite now that Harvey’s is to be one of the fast food chains taking up retail space there. Barring a major issue, it is happening.

As well, the rumors I’d mentioned before seem to be spot on: Kelsey’s is a go for the city. Though where exactly is another question. Kelsey Drive? Nah, too easy. More likely it, too, will be built in the new development at Stavanger Drive.

It’s important to remember that both Harvey’s and Kelsey’s are owned by Cara Operations… the same folks behind Swiss Chalet, Milestones and Montana’s. So it only makes sense that they’d use their existing subsidiaries to lock down retail space in their own markets rather then open them up to competition outside their empire. It’s better to be competing against yourself than someone else.

Thought I’d seen them all

    Posted on: Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Blow Me Head.


There’s lots of these in Newfoundland, what’s your favourite?

Liquid gold

    Posted on: Saturday, February 5th, 2011

This is the one, folks.

Geoff Stirling: the man, the myth, the interview The Scope nailed down and Sarah Smellie hammers home in her fantastically detailed Waiting for Geoff.

“You’ve got to be leading if you’re in this game, honey,” Stirling says to me. “And the game is communication. But you’ve got to give something more than just apple pie. You’ve got to give something that inspires the imagination, say ‘here’s what it was like to meditate in the pyramids.’ ”

There’s gold in them there veins.

The bus stops here. Or does it?

    Posted on: Sunday, January 30th, 2011

After roughly twelve weeks of being off the streets, leaving public transit users either stranded or financially inconvenienced, Metrobus are back on the go tomorrow (Monday, January 31st).

And they’re pulling out all the stops to show that they’re sorry, from a temporary reduction in bus fares to free newspapers.

But some stops that have been pulled out should maybe be put back in.

Case in point:

This is the result of an initiative wherein certain bus stops were reimagined as free parking spaces during the strike. Only stops with their signs removed, like in the photo above, were in fact designated as free parking. Bus stops with signs still in place, for some strange reason, were still being treated as bus stops by the parking authority.

Their heart was in the right place, I guess.

But the above photo was taken earlier this evening, and the buses return to the streets tomorrow.

So, does the bus stop here?