Movie review: Stoner FM

This is not a film. This is a bender caught on tape. At times it appears to be grainy VHS tape. Allow me to start by stating the obvious: this is the worst film I’ve ever seen. Ever. The acting is terrible across the board. The story is base and at times non-existent. The characters are so low on the evolutionary scale one has trouble even opening ones eyes to even look at them. This project is racist, sexist and so ignorant that it boggles the mind that any business or organization would have supported this venture in any way had they known the content being captured.

In terms of the craft of film making, there is very little to be seen. Every now and then there is a decent shot by director of photography Pat Dunne – who for anyone who knows Pat – has some good chops. However, the shooting is destroyed by low budget camera technology and neophytic editing skills. The editing of this film is so bad it will have you cringing. Audio editing elements such as room tone, lip dubbing and transitioning are mangled to the point of anger and despair.

The project also features stock footage and music that goes completely uncredited which shows a definite lack of respect to other artists who may have actual struggles in getting their work into the marketplace.

This project made me angry. Not because it was an absolute waste of money and time on all accounts. It made me think about Andy Jones struggling to get Faustus Bidgood made. A film that took over a decade to complete. There was no rich doctor there to help Jones, that film was largely completed with unemployment insurance, grit and guts.

This film made me appreciate the skill that the true artists of this community have – the knack for story telling and the passion for the work. I have often criticized film industry people for being so curt and short with people on set. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Film sets for me, in the past, have been uncomfortable places to be – so much so that I’ve often said no to the work.

But it occurred to me last night, that the reason why everyone is so curt and short is because they love what they do so very much. For years I’ve confused a fire in the belly with rude behavior. For that, I want to apologize.

If anything, what the experience of seeing this project on screen has taught me is that we have some fantastic storytellers in this province. Many people have said to me that this project is harmful to Newfoundland and Labrador film. I disagree. By showing “film making” at its lowest level, this project shows us how lucky we are to have such talented and passionate people working in a blooming industry.

One can only hope that Donny Goobie and Kent Brown both learn something from this project. One hopes that they will take a big step back and see that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who can tell stories and those who can’t. I have no problem with stating the obvious, these gentlemen can’t.

To family physician Dr. Brian Ramjattan – the funder of this drug-fuelled party – you need a new financial advisor. To those who struggle, push and sweat blood to get their voices heard – keep pushing. The community needs to hear what you have to say.

  • Glen

    On one hand, I think we very seriously need to address what is backwards, trashy and wrong with this sort of film. I want to see it but, frankly, can’t be bothered to spend any money on it (neither should anyone, really). Nonetheless, the reports that it is sexist, racist and homophobic do not surprise given my own limited knowledge of the creators.

    On the other hand, something tells me that is exactly what this pair of twits wanted us to do the moment they sat behind a computer to edit and realized that their work was awful beyond belief. If they can’t get laughs out of it, maybe they can pander to the lowest of the low and sell some seats that way.

    Thanks for writing an article that acknowledges the growth of alternate art in this city. Thanks for making sure someone said that this sort of shit isn’t the main export of our provinces artists. Thanks for encouraging people to both dig deeper and create more culture far away and removed from this display of xenophobia. I agree, in presenting this as NL at our worst, it makes the best even more worthy. However, unless people point out that it is, indeed, our very worst, some might never know.

  • Scottb1123

    To each his own.  

  • Scarlett

    Worst movie ever…I went to support a Nfld film and  was ashamed! Waste of money and I can’t see how it got in the theatre with the racism, sexism and beastility or birdility or something gross with a bird is over the top in every way. Something you’d see on the internet made by a few teenagers with a phone or something, what a rip off! Two thumbs down as far as I can get em’!!

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