Shop at JC Penney.

Need a new shirt? A new pair of shoes? A pair of slacks?

Please buy them at JC Penney.

No, seriously. In an incredibly ballsy move, JC Penney just released a Father’s Day ad featuring real-life couple and fathers Todd Koch and Cooper Smith goofing around with their gorgeous kids, Claire and Mason.

These are exactly the kind of men we’d like to see more of in the mainstream media.

So we’re supporting JC Penney. And we hope you do, too. Here are some choice picks from some St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival staff. And, yes, JC Penney ships to Canada.

Hot shirt! JC Penney has about five bazillion shirts for sale. They’re not all great. But this one works.

These are really good runners. I ran the Cape to Cabot in them last fall, and I plan to buy them again. From JC Penney.

Dang! Maggie Keiley, who is taking over for Kelly Davis as executive director of the Women’s Film Fest for a year, is on a mission to wear less black. Accordingly, she chose a pair of bright red skinny jeans. Atta girl!

Not as flashy in the colour department (and what’s with that poor woman’s halfway head?), but this is a nice dress.

It’d look especially hot with these DAMN FINE BOOTS. Hello.

These are wicked.

Pawing through JC Penney’s website is a bit like shopping at Frenchy’s, to be honest. Have you found anything good? Send it my way ( and I’ll post it.