RNC Officer allegedly drove drunk into side of McDonald’s drive-thru

The RNC have just released details of charges laid on an off-duty RNC officer who allegedly side-swiped the Topsail Road McDonald’s while at the drive-thru on Friday at 1:30am. He was pulled over by RNC Street Patrol Officers.

The veteran RNC Officer has had criminal charges laid against him and is presently suspended without pay pending internal disciplinary proceedings.

It seems pretty obvious that they should make a strong example out of this guy. Somehow, I have my doubts that will be the case.

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    The word on the street is that this is his second offense – worth checking into when his case hits the docket.

  • I’m also fairly certain that this is the 3-4 RNC/RCMP officer to be hit with a drunk driving charge in the Avalon region over the past couple years.

    Hard job and all, I get it, but come on… why so dumb?

  • Did the officer still follow through with making an order…