Gotta get me Tim’s

Esso Timmy’s at the corner of Park Ave and Commenwealth, circa 8:45am.

This queue typically takes the Y-shape you can see here in the distance as cars entering from both streets merge in the parking lot en route to the drive-thru wicket.

Congesting a parking lot is certainly one thing, but jamming up the streets themselves as the lineup spills out onto them is another. Myself and other commuters had to pull of some impressive drive-fu to get around some of these bozos this morning.

I like stopping downtown to grab a coffee from time to time on my way to work in the morning, but if I can’t find a space to pull into I simply carry on and make myself a cup when I get into the office. I don’t double park in the street, blocking traffic and slowing down other commuters all in the name of getting my morning fix.

Gives you the eerie sense they really do put something in the coffee. Some kind of civic duty-suppressing chemical, perhaps?

  • I discovered recently that Tim’s in Paradise has TWO drive thru queues with guys outside directing traffic.

    I then saw a card at CIBC that showed if you didn’t spend your $3.00~ a day at Tim’s you’d save about $5000 over 5 years.

    Then I stopped going to Tim’s.

  • Blam

    That Tims is close to my office. Its amazing how people will block traffic on a major road and wait 20 minutes in line for a mediocre cup of coffee when they could’ve used that time to make a great one at home.