Wings, wings and more wings please

"Wing 'n It" has just opened its doors in the old Folly location

Well, well, what do we have here? 93 flavors of wings?

I’m in.

Not gotten a chance to visit the new taste that’s taken up residence in the old Folly location, well what the hell man? Located on Bates Hill, the place has 93 flavors of wings from maple, to dill, to honey, and of course BBQ to name just a few. With sauce names like “Amelia Earhart”, “Commando” and “Friendly Fire” picking out your favorite quickly becomes a task, but a fun one. The food comes quick and the appetizers (we ordered sweet potato fries) were just enough for couples sharing before your order of wings hit the table.

One thing to consider is that if you enjoy your wings hot-n-spicy then skip right to the 4+ star flavors. Between us, we’d selected some which were 2 star and frankly, they were too weak for our adventurous palates. They were good nonetheless, but our eyes didn’t water nor did sweat bead up on my forehead.

What should keep you coming back? Besides the tasty food, it’s the customer service. The staff from top to bottom were all very nice and prudent about their tasks. Nothing annoys patrons more when getting their meal than waiting five minutes for a drink to go with it… no such thing at Wing ‘n it.

What might turn you away? Portions could stand to be a touch larger and/or the wing sizes could be larger. The seating is tight, we were literally less then an arms reach away from the table next to us. The atmosphere makes up for this but don’t go if you intend on discussing private business.

Final bill for two? After a shared appetizer, a couple drinks and a sharing platter of wings the total was just about $50 after tip. Certainly not the best bang for buck in town — Red Pepper anyone? — but fairly priced and considering how unique the choice, you can’t go wrong.

Would I go again? Without hesitation, after all I’ve got another 89 flavors to try.

  • Markdenine

    The music there is HORRIBLE. I can only take so much top 40 country.

  • Must admit I didn’t notice the music the first time I was there, likely due to being sat downstairs where there is more commotion. The second time I was there however, definitely noticed and it definitely needs a fixen’.

  • Sue

    I think the music is great…instead of that head bangin stuff that is out there now….they have great music with country and altn rock playing while I was there…keep up the great job, wing-n-it….

  • Kate

    I was far from impressed – wings are just as good, if not better, just about anywhere else in town. If you are going to bill yourself as a wing specialist, you’d better have GREAT wings. And 93 flavours? Not so much – maybe 20 or so that they pour on top of each other. Far from impressed. Small, cramped and kind of pricey for what you get. Nine wings in an order isn’t exactly generous.

  • OMG, I don’t know if I have ever been in a more disfunctional restaurant in my life. While we were there I kept expecting Gordon Ramsey to show and shut the place down because of the lack of service.

    Excuses such as the kitchen is small, we didn’t expect this many people this evening, we sent our manager in to help out, meanwhile the “manager” came and spoke to us after we asked to speak with the manager, who also happened to be the host that evening.

    The topper was after waiting 1 1/2 hours after being seated to get food, and lets be clear this is wings and deep fried sides, not the cordon bleu, they served the table one at a time and didn’t notice they had forgotten someone at a table of 5, and brought the appetizer after the meal once it was pointed out to them twice and given the excuse that it had been given to another table.

    If you are looking for a nice relaxing night out with friends pick just about any other establishment in the city.

  • Bill

    Love the wings, hate the music…and I am over 40! No country for me sorry, I will have my wings elsewhere