Give a turkey for Christmas

The annual CBC Turkeys for Christmas Drive is officially underway, which means you’ve got from now until December 24th to bring your Christmas turkey donation to one of the many drop off locations throughout the province.

A turkey’s not a lot give for many, but it’s certainly a lot to receive for some. Last year there were 6600 turkeys donated by the people of this province. That’s an impressive number, but I know we can do even better this time around.

To spice things up this year, CBC will be presenting a Turkey Spirit Award to the business or organization that donates the most turkeys. The Junior Turkey Spirit Award will go to the school that does that same.

For more information, or to make an online donation, visit

  • gerry

    not trying to be a sh*t-disturber, but am genuinely interested: 6600 turkeys, let’s say 4 persons in each ‘family’ that gets a turkey (most turkeys feed way more than that so I’m being conservative)… that’s 26400 mouths fed, or nearly 20% of NL’s population. From Wikipedia: “Currently, an income inequality measure known low income cut-off published by Statistics Canada is frequently used as a poverty rate and is 10.8% as of 2005″
    so are we saying that we have twice the national average of poverty-oppressed people here? seriously?
    and that one in five people cannot afford an Xmas turkey dinner?
    I think that makes donating the equivalent of 30-50 bucks once a year kind of an insult to the question of how do we deal with poverty… these band-aid feel good solutions are not solving the problems… we have a large portion of the population living in ignorance and poverty, and we do not DO anything about it.
    I’m not saying don’t be kind, or don’t donate, I’m saying force the provincial and federal governments to live up to this so called standard of Canada being a great place to live.
    For the record, i was below the poverty line for the first four years after returning here, even though i have a wealth of experience and am not afraid of work (it was the worst part of my life thus far, and led to depression)- I know of a couple (successful in Alberta) who returned 6 months ago, neither can get work… although he was almost a principle out west, he’s a rare substitute here while retired teachers are called back to work. let’s call a spade a spade and stop BSing ourselves. Merry Xmas.

  • Anonymous

    I’d imagine that a lot of the families on the receiving end of this turkey drive are single-parent, and that rather than feeding more than four people, these turkeys will feed two or more people for several days.

    I agree, a lot more can and should be done to address the matter of poverty in this province.

  • gerry

    ooops. I had a dream last night my math was wrong – it was (above) 20% of 500K is 100K.
    sorry for that – I still think we should do more though. g