Look out for the Skylarks tonight

    Posted on: Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Blue SkylarkSkylarks are birds known for their singing, but there will be no singing for this new group of Skylarks, in fact, it’ll be purely instrumental.

Even though it looks like an Idler, walks like an Idler, and smells like an Idler, tonight it’s a Skylark. Made up of band members from the Idlers, the Skylarks will take stage for the very first time tonight at the Grapevine.

Sexy Sax man, Chris Harnett, says to expect “all-instrumental ska, jazz and reggae. Some original material, but mostly from classic ska artists like The Skatalites, Don Drummond, Ernest Ranglin and Sound Dimension.”

This is perfect timing, since the city has recently been jazzed up by the Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival.

Check out one or both of their sets tonight at the Grapvine starting at 10 p.m., no Orange Skylarkscover!

And if the idea of a free show doesn’t convince you enough, how about the possibility of seeing all those musicians up on the tiny Grapevine stage? I’m collecting bets now as to how many times the trombone will whack other band members… 3? 4?

If you haven’t done so, it’s time to Get on the AE Bridger (and Night Music)

    Posted on: Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

ae bridger

AE Bridger, one of my favorite local bands (listen to my interview with them here), apparently played at Night Music this past month, and I missed it! They’re like a cross between Primus and The Unicorns. Thanks to Patrick Canning and his awesome blog (you are reading it, aren’t you?) you can see all the AE Bridger action here.

Canning has many other great videos of local musicians and great reviews as well, so check his blog out.

Also, you do know about Night Music, don’t you? Every third Thursday at The Ship you can expect a great time with a featured band (usually experimental in nature) and an improv jam session in between sets where you can bring your own instruments and jam with others. I don’t go because of the conflict with The New Spin, but it’s a must-see gig, which I didn’t know about until several years after living here.

And if you haven’t done so, pick up a copy of AE Bridger’s cd, I am a Ghostly Leech. Here’s my review of it. They also might have a new album coming out this year? Dunno, but I hope so.

Five weeks and counting…

    Posted on: Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

This major pot hole crater on Military Road (just before you hit Rawlins Cross) has been wrecking havoc on commuters for going on five weeks.

Apparently the crowd from Streets and Transit in City Services weren’t happy with having Rawlins Cross under construction for the better part of a year. So, they decided once they fixed up that small patch of road they would open this mysterious gaping hole in front of Rawlins Cross and leave it there for the better part of the summer.

How difficult is it to get a few of the Streets and Transit b’ys (that as we speak are no doubt leaning on shovels or staring aimlessly into holes in herds across the city) to shoot down and cover over this mysterious hole?

At this point, I would be willing to patch it for up for you jokers, if you could direct traffic for 20 minutes or so.




Last chance for Pathological Love this summer

    Posted on: Monday, July 27th, 2009

There’s a rumour floating around that says the Pathological Lovers, a local rock band of extraordinary talent and heart, will be heading into the recording studio soon. As such, this Saturday’s show of theirs at The Ship may be the last of the season.

pathological lovers poster

I love this poster, from the photo to the font to the fact that it lists the venue as The Ship Inn as opposed to The Ship Pub — if the name has been changed back, I was unaware, but either way it’s a win.

If you haven’t already done yourself the service of being serviced by these fine young gentlemen, rock yourself up to The Ship this Saturday night and thank me in the morning.

Have parade, need road

    Posted on: Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


The City St. John’s has rained on this year’s gay pride parade.

Due to construction on the harbour front, the City is unable to close the streets, and the parade will now be limited to the sidewalks.

Maybe I’m spoiled because I got to witness the all-out craziness of Toronto’s pride parade a few weeks ago, but this hardly sounds like a parade at all to me. The essential ingredient in any parade, the element that commands people’s attention, is the fact that the road has been taken over. That’s kind of the point. Also, if the parade is on the sidewalk, where are the onlookers going to watch from? The road?

This is the second year in a row the City has inadvertently messed with Pride.

Last year Zone 216, the city’s only gay bar, got shut down just before pride week due to some fire regulation violation thing. (I’m not saying these actions are homophobically motivated by any means, just unfortunate coincidences).

The Parade begins at City Hall, circles the downtown core and finishes at the Scotia Centre this Sunday at 1:00 pm. See you on the sidelines.