These are the people in your neighbourhood…

    Posted on: Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I recently came across local photographer Robert Young’s blog, The St. John’s Character Collection, an eclectic mix of some of downtown St. John’s most memorable folks. The photos and accompanying stories are a fascinating peek into the people that we see every day. Lots of familiar faces in there, running the gamut from the happy and hardworking to the unfortunately notorious.

The latter includes characters like our fellow human being Marilyn (known to many as Trixie), of whom Robert offers us the gentle reminder: “Try to save a little spare change for her, and always save her some dignity. There but for the grace of God goes all of us or our family members.”

MUN to freeze grad funding?

    Posted on: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

According to CBC, MUN may be freezing funding for incoming graduate students next year. This would not bode well for folks who have already applied to graduate programs for the fall, as most of the deadlines for external funding are long past. Click here to listen to MUN Faculty Association President Ross Klein being interviewed by Ted Blades earlier today on CBC.

If this is true, then Memorial might want to rethink some of the slogans on their graduate student recruitment site.