What’s your favourite QV beer? Let us know for your chance to win a case!

    Posted on: Friday, July 30th, 2010

We’re back for another round, only from here on in we’re playing for a dozen!

Every Friday from 430pm to 8pm it’s happy hour at Quidi Vidi Brewery. They’ve got drink specials, live music, and for one lucky Signal reader a free case of their favourite QV beer!

Every week, all summer long we’re giving you the chance to win.

All you have to do to enter is answer this simple question: what is your favourite Quidi Vidi beer?

Leave your answer as a comment here and you’ll be entered into our Friday 4pm draw. The winner can claim their case of beer at Quidi Vidi Brewery.

Photo via Lyndon Keating's flickr stream. Thanks Lyndon!

Note: all comments must be accompanied by a valid e-mail address (we don’t collect that stuff in any way, but it helps keep the number of repeat entries down to a minimum, which is only fair).

I club baby seal piñatas

    Posted on: Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I wonder how long before Living Planet starts carrying these?

I know I’d have one at my next party. Stuffed with seal oil capsules, of course.

Photo via keithbcg's flickr stream.

Via @shelleypardy, via Laughing Squid.

Missing person: Ann Marie Shirran may be on the West coast

    Posted on: Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Ann Marie Shirran, who has been missing from her residence on Brennan Field in Kilbride since July 18th 2010, may be on the West coast of Newfoundland. This according to information given to the RNC by the public alleging someone matching her description was seen in the area.

The RNC did not specify where on the West coast Ann Marie Shirran may have been spotted, but their Major Crime Unit is following up on all leads and continues to seek the public’s assistance in locating her.

Ann Marie Shirran is 32 years old, approximately 6’0″, 170 lbs, with shoulder length brown/auburn hair and blue eyes.

She was last seen wearing black pants, a white sleeveless top and flip-flops.

If you have any information with regard to the whereabouts of Ann Marie Shirran, please contact the RNC at 729-8000.

Below are two recent photos of Ann Marie Shirran, one provided by the RNC and the other by a friend of the family.

Ann Marie Shirran. Click to enlarge.

Ann Marie Shirran.

Rogues and murderers in the great outdoors tonight

    Posted on: Monday, July 26th, 2010

A Signal reader reminded me that The Nickel is screening My Ancestors Were Rogues And Murderers by Anne Troake tonight in the parking lot below The Ship. You can view a trailer for the film here.

This will be the fourth film installment of the Nickel’s outdoor screening series. Bingo Robbers, a collection of NL produced shorts, and a special Republic of Doyle presentation were shown in the weeks previous to tonight’s screening.

Show time is 8:30 with no cost of admission. You’re encouraged to bring your own folding chair, and there will be popcorn on hand.

It’s shaping up to be a lovely evening, weather-wise, though you might want to bring a sweater just in case.

Thanks, Gerard!

You’re a long way from Bikini Bottom

    Posted on: Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Previously unknown relatives of SpongeBob SquarePants have been discovered off the coast of Newfoundland.

SpongeBob SquarePants, delighted by the news of new additions to his family, takes a celebratory bath.

Using a robot, scientists have been delving deep into the ocean, as much as three kilometers below the surface of the Atlantic, in search of hitherto unknown marine life.

Along with new species of sponge, they’ve discovered new coral, which scientists can use to go back in time a thousand years and gauge what the weather was like, an important measure in being able to determine the affects of global warming.

You can read more about these recent discoveries here and here.